Ajax Model

Technological advancement is not necessarily synonymous with progress.

Any progressive advancement will have the aim of long term sustainability, the outcome a generative one. The struggle of evolution is a universal one.

The aim of Dunedain is to assist in offering a truly progressive technological advancement that humanity will embrace, allowing the natural evolution to unfold.

  • Magneto – paving the way toward the natural order of atomic sympathetic resonance
  • Energy interacting with matter – showing us the interdependent nature of this universe, and remedies for health and the environment
  • Ajax Model – nested platonics, harmonic intervals of the elements
  • Neutron Model – nullifying charge opens the door to alternative dimensions
  • Atomic Modeling Software – an elegant approach to the manifestation and manipulation of energy and matter
  • M3 – the potential of over-unity energy in your home is bound to be contagious