There are only a handful of elements that have oblique crystal structures. The majority of elements have a 90-degree based crystal structure. This implies some level of symmetry. Cubic and hexagonal are examples of 90-degree crystals.

declinationAt very specific platonic positions in the formation of elements there is a point of maximum asymmetry. These are the locations of the first few oblique, or non 90-degree elements.

The energetic structure of all elements is comprised of a double vortex axis, with an equatorial torus. For the majority of elements, the axis is 90-degrees orientation to the torus. Imagine standing straight up, your body being the axis. If you extend your arms out exactly horizontal, that represents some level of stability or symmetry. If you tilt your arms slightly, one up and the other down, this represents the oblique angle. Like a hula-hoop spinning around your waist which suddenly gets tilted. This tilting is declination.

Elements that declinate have unique properties, and could be categorized in a separate chemical family. And when combined with precession, the potential increases.