Dual Forces

The form follows the formless. Physicality is in a continual state of renewal and manifestation driven by etheric forces. As vast as the physical universe is, it really is a small tip of a huge iceberg upheld by the unseen. In this unseen world the forces are intricate and complex, but can be simplified into a model of motion and charge.

dualforcesAll physicality – from atoms to planets to galaxies – have an etheric energetic structure. This etheric structure is in motion, and can be thought of as a double vortex torus. Think of a single axis comprised of two separate vortices, each one spinning in opposition of the other, apex to apex. All vortex motion and energy is directed in a centripetal, inward fashion, toward a neutral center. This is positive charge, the only generative force.

At the neutral center this charged energy is dispersed outward at a 90-degree angle from the axis (double vortex) in the initial form of a ring, or an equator. This energy is the output, or result of the positive charge; the negative discharge. This discharge churns outward in a centrifugal, radiative fashion. The negative discharge forms a churning torus, like a flexible donut rolling and twisting, discharging its energy.

In this model, the inward generative positive charge is the electric. The outward radiative negative discharge is the magnetic. Those two qualities – electric and magnetic – are bound together in continual motion, cycling through the phases. This is the etheric gyroscopic force where:

  • Positive attracts positive
  • Positive expels negative
  • Negative expels negative

There is no concept of a negative charge, per se. Negative energy is not charging or building up, rather it is discharging. Sow vs reap, inhale vs exhale. Therefore, the only attractive force is positive and positive; everything else is repulsive.

As each proton enters into our observable zone of existence, the etheric hand-off into the form is mimicking these internal forces. The wave pattern forms the first proton for Hydrogen, an apparent particle, but a harmonic echo of the much deeper iceberg where only positives attract. This single positive electric force must be met with its dual counterpart, the magnetic, to maintain existence in this world of form. The proton casts out its electric tether, a vortex tube, which when reaching its proportional distance bursts out like an equatorial torus, dispersing its magnetic discharge. This is the proton’s corresponding electron; pulling the proton out of the void from where it just arose.

In this sense, opposites do not attract. At the heart of the atom the formless forces emerge into the physical. It is atomic polarity and relative positioning that gives the appearance of opposites attracting.