Solfeggio Frequencies

The first emergence from the etheric to physicality takes the form of a triple wave pattern. Three nested spherical wave patterns swirling in some type of 3-6-9 ratio, which is the fundamental heart of the Solfeggio sequencing. A musical chord is comprised of (minimally) 3 notes; 3 individual frequencies come together to create something vastly different than the individual parts. A proton can be compared to this musical chord concept. Three wave patterns emerge in harmonic proportion to each other, in some way ratios of 3, 6, and 9. The 3 joined wave patterns form physicality, the positively charged proton.

Positive can’t exist without its counterpart negative. A vortex springs forth from the spinning proton, creating a sounding board mirror for the silent proton. Like an umbrella popping open, the vortex spills out its counterpart response; the negative magnetic discharge. Charge is born, the voice of Hydrogen speaks.Tesla Math - Solfeggio