Evolution of Energy in Matter

Electricity evolves mass into the form of a true sphere, and magnetism devolves it into a plane. This etheric energy is continually and harmonically moving through all mass. The two qualities, electric and magnetic, are bound to each other. As one reaches is maximum predominance, it impodes to give way to its counterpart. The process is orderly and periodic.

Generation of mass

Generation decelerates rotation – centripetal, generative.

All mass is generated into spheres from plane by preponderance of centripetal forces. Form of mass is controlled by the position of its “magnetic” poles which define the polar magnetic bases. If the polar magnetic bases of the planet are defined by A, the sphere is flattened as indicated by A’. If the base is extended as at B, the sphere is even more flattened as indicated by B’.

Generative cones disappear into their axis as they contract their points of north from the centers of the harmonic circles of the inertial planes to the centers of the masses, and as they transfer the harmonic circles themselves to the ecliptic planes of masses.


Disappearance of rotation in electric pole.

Degeneration of mass

Degeneration accelerates rotation -centrifugal, dispersive, dissipative.

When form in mass has reached its perfection in the sphere, generative cones have contracted to disappearance in the electric pole and radiative cones have expanded to disappearance in the ecliptic plane. At this stage generation ends and degeneration begins.

Rigidity relaxes at the ecliptic belt. Rotation increases. The ecliptic belt bulges. Volume expands. Radiative and gravitic centers expand.

Radiative cones disappear into ecliptics as they expand their magnetic bases from the inertial planes to the equators of masses.


Maximum of rotation in the ecliptic.

Credit to Otis Carr – OTC Enterprises