Global Cooling

The importance of the role water plays in so many aspects of life is increasingly becoming more apparent. We are really just delving into new territory regarding this all important property of water and its relationship to energy. We explored the health implications in the EMF/Health/H2O section. Here we would like to take a look at the environmental impact.

Water Molecule
H2O – central oxygen atom, two hydrogen atoms at oxygen’s poles

When we consider these new findings regarding the dynamic interplay between water and EM radiation, and the fact that the greenhouse layer of our atmosphere is 70% water, global warming mitigation is a real possibility. The earth, by simply emitting infrared radiation, is naturally forming an all-encompassing exclusion zone of negatively charged water.

It is not our intention to join in on the highly controversial topic of human activity related to global warming. Nor are we taking sides regarding the issue of whether the earth is truly warming naturally. We are simply presenting a unique solution to the issue of trapped CO2 and other gases; a gentle discharging and relaxation of an exclusion zone that is growing increasingly denser.

Energy Matter Interaction
Liquid Crystal

In the “EMF/Health/H2O” section, a case was made for the adverse effects of artificial microwave frequencies and health. Conversely, this very correlation between EMF and the weakening of the exclusion zone, in this case in the atmosphere, could be the answer to an outlet for built up CO2.

The interaction of these varying frequencies with water is not yet well understood, and begs for more research. Dr. Pollack of the University of Washington has proven consistently that visible light and infrared electromagnetic radiation forms a healthy exclusion zone in all water. Considering the greenhouse layer of our atmosphere is 70% water vapor, and that infrared radiation forms a densely packed exclusion zone of negative charge, this uncovers a new approach to handle global warming.

The greenhouse layer of our atmosphere are comprised of the following gases and ratios:

  • Water vapor – 70% +/-
  • Carbon dioxide – 25%
  • Methane – 4%
  • Ozone – 1%
  • Chlorofluorocarbons – <1%, trace

All of these gases absorb infrared radiation (IR), thus contributing to the warming of the earth. If we take a closer look at the interaction of the water molecule with IR, the issue suddenly becomes more understandable, and somewhat manageable. Consider a rain cloud. Though it is difficult to give an average weight to any cloud, it is safe to calculate just about all rain clouds fall into the category of thousands or even millions of tons. That is millions of tons essentially levitating over the surface of the earth in one cloud, holding in suspension water vapor. If we take into account the negatively charged earth’s surface, and the negatively charged exclusion zone, suddenly it’s easier to understand how this levitation occurs. This is really the same principle as taking two magnets, turning them for example North pole – to – North pole, and they repel.

This same concept is taken one step further; imagine joining a continuous series of negatively charged clouds to cover the entire surface of the earth, extended up into the atmosphere. This is the 70% “cloud” of water vapor that is the bulk of the greenhouse gas layer. Now consider the role of IR. Light enters the atmosphere from the sun and hits the earth’s surface. Some of that energy is emitted upwards in the form of infrared radiation. It is infrared that forms the clouds, and it is infrared that comes into contact with the water layer of the greenhouse gas. This IR frequency turns the amorphous water vapor molecules into a dense liquid crystal, thereby excluding all other particles, and increasing its negative charge. Global warming is essentially a function of an electrostatic charge caused by IR, trapping carbon dioxide and all other particles inside. All the positively charged carbon dioxide is sandwiched between the negatively charge surface of the earth and the negatively charged crystalline exclusion zone. It is a giant electronic capacitor that needs to be discharged.