M3 M3 is the epitome of energy innovations. No fuel or electrical input, zero carbon footprint, and a continual output of highly refined energy – M3 works for the world.

The earth’s surface emits a negative electrical charge – a discharge, really. And the atmosphere contains a rich soup of positive charge, primarily driven by the Sun. The octahedron of M3’s housing exploits these two factors. The lower half of the octahedron – an inverted pyramid – is buried just beneath the earth’s surface. This harnesses the negative discharge of the earth to its lower southern apex.┬áThe upper half of the octahedron housing harnesses and focalizes the atmosphere’s positive charge to the northern apex.

The southern energy flows upward in the form of a single helix, while the northern energy flows downward, also in a single helix. The energy meets in the middle, where the 3 nested spheres of M3 reside.

M3 Cross Section

The central iron/copper alloy becomes energized, and begins to levitate in its diamagnetic carbon container. Once floating in its frictionless environment, it begins to spin: electrical inductance. The middle carbon sphere soaks up this electricity, storing it, and eventually levitating and spinning in its silicon container: capacitance. Finally, the outer silicon sphere is saturated, supplying the surplus over-unity energy.

Inner sphere Iron/copper alloy – Inductance

Middle sphere Carbon – Capacitance

Outer sphere Silicon – Semi-conductor


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