Fun Facts


Nikola Tesla

Nicola Tesla visited Edgar Cayce 487 times. While a small percentage of those visits were in relation to health issues, the vast majority were for technical confirmation on engineering insights. Tesla – the electric Messiah, and Cayce – America’s greatest prophet, made a very interesting team.

The Cayce organization ARE (Advanced Research for Enlightenment) notoriously keeps detailed records of Cayce’s thousands of transcripts. Interestingly, the Tesla / Cayce transcripts have “disappeared”.


Whispering Wall

Whispering wall – Barossa Dam –

A curve is the shortest distance between two points from a sound wave’s point of view.


Metronome Synchronization

Metronomes all initially moving out of sync, then because the base allows slight movement as a whole, they soon move in sync – youtube –

Just as interestingly, they fall out of sync after the base is stationary:


Atom scaled up

Nucleus of an atom / electron orbit – mosquito 50-yard line / super dome roof analogy. The mosquito represents the nucleus, the super dome roof represents the electron shell.


Earth Battery

Simply sticking a small iron and copper rod in the ground can generate 1v.

Stubblefield reportedly ran his entire farm from his “earth battery” technology.


Pyramids for Energy

Many scientists and archaeologists are coming to believe the great pyramids were energy producing devices.


EZ Water

Exclusion zone – the primary source of bio-electricity.


Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger was forced by Hitler to build anti-gravity weapons of war – held underground for years during WWII era. Schauberger intentionally delayed and sabotaged these efforts, often risking his life.


Alcohol for fuel

Henry Ford originally built the combustion motor to run on alcohol. Rockefeller found a way to capitalize on combustible waste products from his oil refineries and influence Congress to abandon the clean burning alcohol in favor of gasoline.