Living Beings

There are important indicators, some subtle, some quite explicit, to take note of regarding nature, health and our environment. Changes are occurring, some at alarmingly rapid rates, that are demanding our attention. The increase in cancer and disease, autism diagnosis in children, and changes in animal behavior, to name a few, are to some extent expected as the world population increases. However, the rate of increase in these detrimental changes is far outpacing the normal population growth rate, and this acceleration is extremely important to take note of.

It is the interaction between matter and energy that needs special attention, particularly in relation to health. Consider the fact that the very nature of electromagnetic (EM) radiation is still not well understood. Some claim EM waves are transverse in nature, while others claim they are longitudinal. The implications are very important in correctly understanding the propagation of energy, and how this energy interacts with matter, and in particular water.

Water also plays such an important role in all aspects of life. Both our bodies and the surface of the earth are comprised of nearly 3/4 of this precious substance. Considering the great prevalence of this simple hydrogen and oxygen compound, combined with the fact that we are just beginning to surpass a rudimentary understanding of its properties, we as a society would be remiss to avoid important research involving water.