IR-and-Microwaves-v4In the early 1980’s we began to see an exponential rise in ill health globally. Sudden and unexplained increases in cancer, autism, and a broad range of maladies began to appear at this time. In 1982 the first cell phone became commercially available, and in a matter of a few years there was a greater than 100% market saturation.

The microwave frequency is now so pervasive it is virtually impossible to find an “EMF free” environment; they must now be artificially created. The public demand and financial benefits outpaced safe electromagnetic radiation testing levels and procedures. Many engineers claim the microwave radiation levels now used in wireless communication are thousands of times higher than what is considered safe.

Considering the following:

  • The correlation with the advent of wireless technology and ill health affects world-wide
  • The exclusion zone is likely the primary source of bio-electricity
  • Sympathetic resonance and atomic harmonics are not yet accepted fields of study
  • A single average human cell contains trillions of water molecules

The biophysical mechanisms by which these microwave fields are likely affecting biological systems demands immediate attention.