Energy Matter Interaction

The subtle interconnectedness of all things is becoming more apparent as time goes on. We can’t really say that one dimensional change in one system has no effect on another aspect of that system.

Consider the “Butterfly Effect”, or the “Photoelectric Effect” – small change in one condition or system can have unforeseen and profound effects in seemingly unrelated systems.

Any energy – sound, heat, light, emotion – has an effect on matter in some way. Most of this interaction to date has gone unnoticed, partly because we are unable to measure it.

Energy Matter Interaction
Liquid Crystal

A good example of this measurable interaction is recent developments in the study of water, in particular the behavior of water when in contact with electromagnetic vibrations. For generations science assumed we knew just about all there is to know about water. New studies suggest otherwise. It is now known that the interaction between water molecules and specific electromagnetic frequencies (infrared and visible light) causes the seemingly benign water molecule to form a hexagonal layer, a liquid crystal, changing not only its molecular composition, but also its electrical potential. Water now becomes a more dynamic entity, acting and reacting to its surroundings. And its charge and voltage is constantly affected; this applies to the macro as well as micro scale.

The implications of this water / light interaction are profound. More and more subtle interactions between matter and energy are being uncovered. Any force, whether it be e/m radiation, sound, temperature, or motion, will have an effect on any matter and energy within that system.

By understanding the state of energy, and the corresponding vibratory patterns emanating from that energy. Energy can be etheric, electric, gravitic, magnetic, matter, motion…it is simply everything, in varying states. Each state contains its own vibratory footprint and resonant potential.