Exclusion Zone

Water plays such an important role in all aspects of life. Both our bodies and the surface of the earth are comprised of nearly 3/4 of this precious substance. Considering the great prevalence of this simple hydrogen and oxygen compound, combined with the fact that we are just beginning to surpass a rudimentary understanding of its properties, we as a society would be negligent to avoid important research involving water.

Water Molecule
Water Molecule

The research being performed in recent years regarding water is uncovering very important information, and irrefutable data. Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington is uncovering extremely important and reproducible test results confirming the seemingly simple water molecule is actually much more complex than we imagined. And the direct effects of electromagnetic radiation on water is profound.

In summary, what Dr. Pollack has found is that water, from a simple molecule or blood vessel, to a vast ocean, and all states of water in between, is an energy producing entity. All water, if exposed to visible light and/or infrared radiation, forms an exclusion zone.

Exclusion ZoneThis exclusion zone of water is essentially a liquid crystal; a hexagonal skin or layer of hydrogen and oxygen molecules which surround an amorphous arrangement of water molecules. More like a gel than a liquid, the exclusion zone is always a negative charge, and the amorphous enclosed molecules are always positively charged. This is essentially a battery. The name exclusion zone was given to this liquid crystal layer because this zone quite literally excludes all particles, other than hydrogen and oxygen, which it is comprised of. The network of hexagonal layers is so densely packed, and the symmetry is so uniform, no other particles are allowed to penetrate. In the human body, this is a complex series of electronic circuits, accounting for the primary source of bio-electricity.

As mentioned above, light – EM radiation – has a variety of frequencies. It has been shown that visible light and infrared frequencies are very conducive to forming a healthy exclusion zone in water. We are attempting to show that the microwave frequency in particular – the wireless frequency – is preventing or slowing the formation of the exclusion zone. In the case of the human body, the microwave frequency is proving to be quite harmful. The data is beginning to pour in regarding all the negative and varied ill health effects for humans and animals. If in fact the exclusion zone is the primary source of bio-
electricity, and microwave EMF is preventing its formation, the implications are profound. So many seemingly unrelated maladies could perhaps begin to be pointing to one source, the inability of the body to form and maintain a natural electronic circuit due to the microwave frequency.

The interaction of these varying frequencies with water is not yet well understood, and begs for more research. Dr. Pollack has proven consistently that visible light and infrared EM radiation forms a healthy exclusion zone in all water. Charge has been determined, voltage has been measured, and strength of permeability has been determined. Considering the human body is comprised of over 70% water, and that infrared radiation forms a densely packed exclusion zone of negative charge, this uncovers a completely new approach to understanding health and the inter-relationship to EM radiation and biological circuitry.