Mind Force

Force implies motion, and motion implies resistance. It seems everything is in motion, and if it’s not, we want to make it move. This applies to all matter and physicality, as well as emotion, intentions, and thought.

mandalaWhile in motion, everything is always an expression of duality. True / false, positive / negative, electric / magnetic, selfish / selfless – this motion implies a relative direction, which requires some force to propel it. This dualistic nature of the universe – both physical and non-physical – is not exactly binary, but trinary. There must be a boundary layer where the two opposing forces meet. The boundary between the “yin” and “yang” where no resistance resides. The state where only direct experience occurs.

With a better understanding of force, and how it “works” in relation to its relative direction, resistance can be reduced and motion can occur more naturally.

The Mind Force section of the website explores the 4 forces of nature, introduces consciousness as a 5th force, then attempts to tie them all together as one fundamental force with consciousness as the fundamental.