5th Force

Gravity is a primitive form of electricity, as electricity is a primitive form of consciousness. Consciousness is a force, and certainly an engineerable one. Considering the etheric origins of every atom, and the open, interconnected system of all physicality, it is the predecessor to the 4 forces of nature.

Imagine gravity contained in a bottle. Or electricity, a small bolt of lightning, in a similar container. Then imagine “injecting” this force into DNA. Some biological organism, whether it be a plant, animal or human, now has this force, this energy, residing in its cells. Consciousness is the same force, at a subtler harmonic, that we are infused with. And our boundary layer between the two dualistic qualities, in this case self-less vs self-ish, is free will. Mind is the fundamental 1st force driving the other four.


Manipulation of Matter

Considering the nature of the open system, interdependently related universe of etheric origin, the manipulation of matter begins to become more understandable. Every atom is comprised of proton/electron pairs. These proton/electron tethers are really vortex tubes – inter-dimensional access points – which form a network of conjoined wave patterns, consciousness being the driving force.

Each vortex tube is essentially a doorway, a passage way connecting the formless void to a proton, which fans out to the vibrational output of an electron. From our charge-based zone of existence this dictates our sympathetically resonating universe. At the scalar level, however, these very vortex tubes are magnetic columns of superconductivity. No resistance resides here, just diamagnetic cavitation potential.

Since each element has an etheric energetic structure, and each energetic structure has an even more subtle mind structure upholding it, at the right resonance of concentration the atom’s energetic structure can be manipulated. For example, the carbon and hydrogen atoms of wooden chopstick can be accessed via concentration. Their respective energetic structures can be molded to that of iron (double pointed ovoid). The tip of a wooden chopstick is essentially temporarily transmuted into iron. Conversely, a hard Formica table top can be softened. A particular location is selected, and the focus is now on manipulating that area into, for example, water molecules. The combination of a hardened chopstick and a softened table top allows practitioners like John Chang to defy physics. Through the use of specific concentration techniques, Chang can simply transmute these physical objects, easily driving a wooden chopstick through a hardened table.



Charge is the epitome of duality, rooted in manifestation. Anything “charged” implies an opposite: positive vs negative. Charge of the mind is rooted in karmic patterns.

Emotion is like electromagnetic induction. If we insist on being bound to a charge-based reality there will always be an action-reaction mechanism in place. This is the creation of the karmic patterns, and binding one into a dualistic reality.

Resistance in this case is synonymous with reaction. Similar to getting stuck in fly paper, where one attempt to free yourself leads to another sticky situation, the fly paper-like karmic patterns are established. Neutrality implies loss of resistance. Like a neutron ushering the atom into an alternate reality, the reactionless, neutral mind perceives the superconductive state of direct experience, free from resistance and karmic patterns.wavepatterns