Concepts are like photographs – they are a somewhat accurate representation of a past event or construct, but don’t keep pace with the dynamic nature of continual renewal. A concept can represent a very broad array of topics. From an idea, to a science or philosophy, a sense of identity, government system or even how we will dress this morning, these are all concepts that make impressions on the fabric of existence. Over time it is the impressions we end up resonating to, losing touch with direct connection.

For a time most concepts are helpful and necessary. They provide structure and guidance. However, concepts, whether collective or personal, rarely mimic nature: they don’t adapt. The concept eventually becomes the apparent reality, and forces us to be one step removed from direct experience.

The mind is the builder. All things originate from mind. If the mind is holding a concept, by definition direct experience is removed. Processing time checks against the conceptual database, queries are performed, and an outdated reality is imposed. The concept becomes a prison – we become the wardens of our own reality.

Heightened awareness becomes a function of immediate adjustment and reaction, truly living in the moment. Any sense of conceptual “ego” forces our experience further into the past. Exalted states of attention become accessible through a unique blend of humility and confidence. This allows efficiency. The higher gradient layers of consciousness are a matter of resonance. By abolishing concepts and aligning the mind to be tuned to the virtues, the true nature of each of us is revealed.

Non-conceptual belief is the fuel for this unlimited revelation. An interesting mix of fully, truly being oneself, while simultaneously tuning to the virtues, allows the force of consciousness to flow unrestrained.