Transcending Religion

In any belief system, belief is the key, and system the potential danger. The conceptual nature of any system eventually falls out of phase. If any “system” is put in place, humanity well may be better served to consider the force of consciousness in the engineering sense. Imagine experiencing a strong negative emotion like anger or envy. Unchecked, this negative force locks us into a lower orbit, so to speak. We are bound to the action/reaction lesser harmonic, and subsequent karmic patterns ensue.

If this same force is met with restraint, for example, in a non-moral sense, this force must go somewhere. If it is prevented from being dissipated in the mind-less lesser harmonic reaction, but rather restrained, that same force is now transduced. Like a lever, the energy builds and moves the experiencer into a higher harmonic.

Ultimately the vehicle of religion runs out of gas. In the beginning, the system of belief may help guide us. Similar to a child believing in Santa Claus, this very belief engenders generative motion in the child’s mind. After a time, the belief is dampened and obsolete. However, without that initial belief at a young age development at the time is dampened.

The true evolution of the soul requires belief without system, without concept. A dynamic adaptation to external experience ensures direct and immediate states of attention, unfiltered by any resistance.