Unified Theory

Time and space are two qualities bound together like electric and magnetic. When one quality exceeds its boundaries the inverse is exposed. “Self” and “other” are likewise two bound qualities, inseparable at the subtlest levels.

Electromagnetic radiation – light –  traveling through spacetime: Is it a particle or a wave? It is neither, and it is both. At the upper boundaries of the speed of light this force is a shape-shifter. The role of the observer forces light to enter into existence briefly as a particle – ever so briefly. It cannot be sustained in this state. Light exceeds the boundary of magnetism and implodes, now a wave. This oscillation continues, as long as it is observed.  The polyrhythm of the interaction between light and spacetime causes light to implode upon conjoined node points, continually bursting forth a new potential.

The future of the black hole meets the past of the white vortex via the straight line of the vortex tube – the only straight line in nature – the only point of direct, multi-dimensional experience. The only true “now”. Any form of ego or separativity is a form of resistance, removing full potential into the past. The event horizon of consciousness can be curled back on itself to reveal the myriad of all experiences and forces all resonating to one single force: Mind.