Frozen Light

Here, the elements are depicted as matter in motion in the form of a swaying “wave”. Each wave crest ascends in amplitude and energy potential. As energy reaches its peak amplitude for each given octave the matter is “frozen” in time – frozen light. Energy in the form of matter as we understand it in our charged base dimension.

Frozen Light The origination of observable matter and energy is of a unified formless nature. Primordial light is one way to describe it; refined and subtle. It transcends what we normally think of as visible light used to describe electromagnetic radiation. This light is continually arising, constantly renewed in the form of resonance. Like a feedback loop between the primordial source and the physical zone of existence, this is a fully open, flowing and dynamic system.

Subatomic particles and atoms do not emerge as mass points, as conventional physics point out, but as wave patterns made of etheric configurations. Frequencies emitted from protons have ratios to these subtle origins, and the harmonic patterns extend out to the electrons. At a particular step in the wave pattern, which we would currently consider a proton, this moving light pattern merges with the local gravitational field and an atom is “snapped” into existence: frozen light.

This pattern is repeated throughout our known elements following a natural order of progression. Each proton reaches a crescendo, resonating its charge to its container electron shell (resonance chamber).

As this light peaks, the atoms are suspended into manifestation, upheld by charge. As the peaks recede, the atom is guided back out of our existence, the vehicle being the neutral mass of the neutron. The isotopes over rule each element’s ability to sustain itself in its charge-based existence, and it is carried out of existence, the half-life ascending rapidly.