Zone of Existence

NeutronModel_fig2_smallAs these wave patterns settle into their charge-based existence they stabilize as elements. From our relative perspective they now become atoms; standing wave patterns in stable resonance upheld by charge. This vibrational interplay defines our world as we know it. It is a charge-based existence in resonance with first the host gravitational field (earth), then further beyond physicality to the etheric.


Not all things are as they appear. The apparent physicality of this zone of existence is illusory. These untold number of frozen light particles called atoms are really just wave patterns interacting with charge for a time. Like a tacky air-filled balloon type advertisement you see along the highway, air is continuously flowing through to uphold it, putting it in motion. Pure light is continuously flowing through all elements, giving the appearance of solidity and matter. But the essence of all the universe is a dynamic standing wave; this same vitality flowing through cyclically.