Open System

All things are interdependently related to each other. This concept brings comfort to some, and strikes fear in the heart of others. The implications of interconnectedness run deeper than the physical universe can encompass.

Think of light from the sun. This unbound magnetism emanates all throughout space, some of it coming in contact with the earth’s atmosphere. That pure energy then splits into thirds; 1/3 light and 2/3 heat. That light then comes in contact with plant life, which breathes life into the plant in the form of an electric exclusion zone. The plant grows to maturity, generating oxygen in the meantime, and eventually becomes food for other organisms – including the earth itself.

The light traveling through space touches upon the earth – without it there is no plant life. And without plant life there is no oxygen, food. And so on…

This is just one example of an open system that is occurring constantly; a process of continual renewal. And these are just the physical aspects. When we delve deeper into the origin of light, under the hood of sub-atomic particles and wave theory, there is a fountain of subtle energy of which we struggle to name. And fast forward to the plant, or the human that is benefiting from this etheric energy. Our bodies, plant bodies, are comprised of untold numbers of Carbon atoms, Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms, etc. These very atoms are upheld by a force; they are held in resonance driven from the inside – out by the same unseen force driving that unbound magnetism – light – from the sun.