Vortex Tubes

vortextubesEmanating out from the nucleus of each element is a series of vortex tubes. This is an electron in common vernacular. A vortex tube is the magneto dielectric force perpendicularly piercing a magnetic resonance chamber. With a positively charging origin and a negatively discharging output, these tubes are the glue of the nuclear strong force. At every vertex or face of the corresponding platonic solid resonance chamber is a potential location for the open end vibratory output of a vortex tube (electron).

These tubes are actually the superconducting electric output from each spinning proton. They are the tethers preventing the protons from collapsing back into the void from where they arose. The positively charged protons are very powerfully attracted to each other. If this attraction were left unopposed, the protons implode and dissipate back into the etheric.

TheAtom_ovoidIn the same manner a transverse wave has its electric / magnetic counterpart, the proton casts out its electric line. This line reaches full extension and then fans out, like an umbrella opening. The line – the electric positive umbrella handle – gives rise to counterpart transverse reaction, the magnetic shell – the fan like umbrella, negative discharge.

This vortex tube opening is the terminal end point, defining the atomic event horizon. From our relative position – outside the atom – this is where atomic vibration originates.